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The Dark Arguments

In this episoe, Steve and Nathan discuss the dark side of social media, particularly Facebook. Are there discussions worth having on facebook, or should those things be relegated to face to face conversations. Ironically Steve and Nathan talk about this over the phone. Enjoy. Also check out the new products from Missional Wear


The Old and The New

In this episode Steve and Nathan talk about some of the highlights from 2017. They also talk about some of the things to come for the future of TGT11 in 2018. A little of the past and a little of the future. Enjoy. 

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Bring us pudding, and a cup of cheer, or some other stuff

A TGT11 First. Christmas gift giving ideas. In this episode, Steve and Nathan talk about Christmas' past in particular they talk about gift giving and getting ideas. Hope you all enjoy, also don't forget that there is still time to check out Missional Wear for your reformed shopping needs. 


Songs of TGT11

Greg, Steve, and Nathan are back, this time talking about Christmas music. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for your Christmas shopping ideas. 


Have Yourself A Pagan Little Christmas

It's Christmas time! One of TGT11's favorite holidays. This episode it brought to you by Steve, Nathan, and Greg. These crazy guys are talking about how to think about Christmas. Is it just another pagan holiday, or is there something more to it. Hope you enjoy this one, and don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all your shopping needs. 

Winners from last weeks podcast with Adam Kareus was Zach Burnham and Mark Daniel Labolle. Email at to get your free copy of the book. 



Adam Kareus Author and pastor, dropped by the podcast to speak with Steve and Nathan about his book Decided. This is well worth the listen and the book is great too. Check out the cast and pick up a copy. Also, find out how to win a free copy of the book. While you are checking all of that out, don't forget about Missional Wear for all of your Chistmas shopping. 



James Mead from Kutless drops by These Go To 11  to talk about their latest album. We talk about his experience with abuse, his passion for music, but most importantly his love for Jesus. It was great to hear where the band is heading and their ministry EOTA. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for great Christmas Ideas.


The True Myth

In this episode, Steve and Nathan discuss the topic that led C.S. Lewis to give his life to Christ. After years of discussion J.R.R. Tolkien was able to sway his friend Lewis based on the idea that Christ is the true myth that came into the world and saved humanity perfectly. Listen in, and don't forget about our good friends Missional Wear for all your reformed needs. 


Reformation 500

Steve and Nathan take a hard look at the reformation. Both of these reformed dudes have a lot to say about the good that came from Luther and his bold statements to the Catholic Church, however, they also have a realistic perspective on the man himself, reminding everyone that he was just a man. 

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A Few Good Men pt.2

Steve and Nathan finish their discussion on leadership in the church. Also don't forget about Missional Wear